Friday, April 28, 2006

On this day in literature . . .

~ 1926 ~ Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) is born in Monroeville, Alabama (and turns 80 today, as she is still living)

I somehow missed To Kill a Mockingbird when I was younger and so didn't read it until I was in grad school when my reading group selected it one month. It was one of those "I'll never forget where I was" experiences -- I remember lying on my narrow bed late at night in the back bedroom of my grad school apartment reading the courtroom scene and knowing that this book would always be one of my favorite novels.

Someone was punching me, but I was reluctant to take my eyes from the people below us, and from the image of Atticus's lonely walk down the aisle.
"Miss Jean Louise?"
I looked around. They were standing. All around us and in the balcony on the opposite wall, the Negroes were getting to their feet. Reverend Sykes's voice was as distant as Judge Taylor's:
"Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passin'."


Blogger Megan said...

This is probably one of the only novels I would consider as as candidate for one of the masterpieces of world literature. I still choke up at this excerpt every time I read it. And of course, who can forget Mrs. Merriweather calling for "Po-ork!"... :-)

10:06 PM  
Blogger Christa said...

I agree that this is a memorable novel. It was an excellent selection for the reading group, probably one of my favorites.

7:49 PM  

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