Thursday, May 04, 2006

Coffee and Cookies

That was today's lesson plan in AP Literature. I knew I wouldn't get anything out of my AP students this afternoon. And I can't blame them, considering that they spent three hours this morning holed up in a small room taking the AP English Literature Exam.

There's four teaching weeks left in the school year. But in their minds, since the test is behind them, this class is over. I've been trying to coax them into getting excited about a small unit on the Bible as literature. But while they admit that, yes, that might be interesting, they freely confess that they'd prefer to watch movies.

Tomorrow's lesson plan:

Miss Ruffner - 0

10 tired AP kids - 1


Blogger Beverly said...

Trying to keep them involved after those exams are over is something, isn't it. I'm afraid that after the achievement tests were over in our elementary school, I found myself letting up a bit.

I hope you ahve a strong finish and a good summer.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Thank you! Summer is approaching quite quickly.

These students did actually read King Lear earlier in the year, so this movie is meant to complement that study. :-)

10:10 PM  

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