Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Missing Manuscript?

Charlotte Bronte offered to rewrite parts of "Jane Eyre" after a legal threat from the headmaster of the school on which she based the infamous Lowood school, newly discovered letters show. The letters have raised the prospect that somewhere, tucked away in a dusty attic or a pile of musty papers, could lie an amended manuscript of the 19th-century classic, toned down by the British novelist to avoid a libel lawsuit.
- "Bronte Offered to Do a Rewrite" (Gershwin Wanneberg)

Today's Washington Times has a small story on the front page about a possible revision of Jane Eyre that Bronte might have done after she was criticized for her harsh portrayal of a boarding school in her novel. Apparently she might have written a toned-down sketch and sent it to this man who was offended. Obviously she wasn't bothered enough to change the novel. Brilliant woman. :-)


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