Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Seemingly Random Points about Reading"

Tim Challies (of fame) has an excellent post today called Reflections on Reading. Whether you pick up a book only once in a while or you plow through several at one time all the time, you'll enjoy his observations on his personal style and habits of reading.

Here are some of my favorite lines from his post:

The more I read, the easier it is to read.

I read all the time, or most of it anyways. I do not watch all that much TV, but even when I do, I usually have my nose in a book.

I do not advocate reading while driving or while operating heavy machinery.

One of my peculiarities, but one I have found helpful, is reading two or even three books at a time.

Lately I find myself doing a lot of reading while holding a baby. I can hold a baby and a book, or a pen and a book, but not a baby, pen and book all at the same time.

I forget a great deal of what I read. Anyone who tells you otherwise may not be telling the truth.

When looking for a good book to read, find a person whose judgment you trust and read what that person is reading.


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