Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Word Meme

Thank you to Bet for the "Do You Know What I Meme?" tag! The tagger provides four words, and the tagee (is that a word?!) gives his definitions or thoughts that come to mind.

WORK: teaching; I picture books, papers, grading, students.

PLAY: time off; Sleeping in, movies, bookstores, shopping, dinner out with friends.

FAITH: the gospel; Christ, conversion, perseverance, Scripture, church.

FALL: my favorite season of the year; I love the colors, the clothes, the food, the weather.

I'll tag all the Cavanaughs, whose family I'll be part of soon! :-)

Jeff, my fiance
Emily & Scott, Jeff's sister and brother-in-law
The Cavie Family, Jeff's parents and sisters Abby and Stephanie

The words are: wedding (of course!), book, bread, and nap.

Wedding Update

I have been horridly neglectful of this blog lately. I feel like I ought to do blogger penance. (Which makes me curious as to what blogger penance might look like. Hmmm.)

I wanted to post just a brief update on wedding plans. Jeff and I finished our marriage counseling and have set our wedding date for December 16, which means we have just about 8 weeks left. Many details have fallen into place; other items are still in progress, but things are moving along quite well.

I didn't even need to go dress shopping, which was quite a relief. While there's the whole image of a bride searching diligently for her dress and then tearing up when she finds "the one," I had no illusions of such a process, having gone through wedding dress shopping with my sister two years ago. It's actually just a lot of hard work. We have a family friend whose dress I've always loved, and, serendipitously, we're the same height and size. We had her dress cleaned and restored, and it's ready to go. I also found the bridesmaids' dresses this past Saturday; the dresses are a deep brown ("espresso") taffeta from Ann Taylor's wedding line, Celebrations.

Jeff and I registered together at Crate & Barrel and Target -- it was energizing at the beginning of the evening and exhausting by the end. I actually found the little things to be more daunting -- which spatula should we choose out of the fifteen available!

I ordered the invitations and at first put down "District of Colombia." It hit me about 48 hours later that actually, no, Andrea, you are not getting married in a South American country; thankfully, I was able to change it to "Columbia" (they'd caught it as well). I don't think I'd ever live down that error. (So you think you can teach English?) How ironic.

So that's where we are!