Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Word Meme

Thank you to Bet for the "Do You Know What I Meme?" tag! The tagger provides four words, and the tagee (is that a word?!) gives his definitions or thoughts that come to mind.

WORK: teaching; I picture books, papers, grading, students.

PLAY: time off; Sleeping in, movies, bookstores, shopping, dinner out with friends.

FAITH: the gospel; Christ, conversion, perseverance, Scripture, church.

FALL: my favorite season of the year; I love the colors, the clothes, the food, the weather.

I'll tag all the Cavanaughs, whose family I'll be part of soon! :-)

Jeff, my fiance
Emily & Scott, Jeff's sister and brother-in-law
The Cavie Family, Jeff's parents and sisters Abby and Stephanie

The words are: wedding (of course!), book, bread, and nap.


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